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Nutrition Quiz Questions and Answers


Nutrition Quiz Questions and Answers are very important for medical Exams like NCLEX, AIIMS, PGI, RRB, NEET, CHO, and other nursing and medical exams nutrition is very important Some important Questions are Given Below. Any Dought-in Questions and quiz comments.

#1. Vitamin C is present in

#2. Which of the following vitamin is also known as cobalamin

#3. Vitamin K is essential for

#4. Deficiency of Vitamin D causes

#5. Vitamin B6 is also known as

#6. Vitamin A deficiency causes

#7. Which of the follow is the rich source of Vitamin D

#8. Name the vitamin which take part in blood clotting

#9. Riboflavin is also known as

#10. Retinol is also known as:

#11. Which of the follow is Rich source of Vitamin C

#12. Megaloblastic anemia is caused due to deficiency of

#13. Disease like Rickets, Scurvy and Beri-Beri occurs due to the deficiency of:

#14. Macronutrients involve

#15. Which of the following is a component of co-enzyme A

#16. Name the disease caused by the deficiency of Niacin

#17. The other name of Vitamin C is






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