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2) Which of the following is good cholesterol ?

  1. A) LDL
  2. B) VLDL
  3. C) HDL
  4. D) Chylomicrons

3)A food contain 13 gm fat ,31 gm carbohydrates and 5  gm protein, What is total amount of calories :-

  1. A) 196 calories
  2. B) 261 calories
  3. C) 286 calories
  4. D) 351 calories

4) Structural unit of protein :-

  1. A) Glucose
  2. B) Glycerol
  3. C) Amino acid
  4. D) Fatty acid

5) The net proteins utilization in maximum for :-

  1. A) Meat
  2. B) Milk
  3. C) Egg
  4. D) Soya bean

6) Which one of the following sugar concentration is  highest in honey ?

  1. A) Lactose
  2. B) Maltose
  3. C) Glucose
  4. D) Fructose

Fat soluble vitamin - Vit A, D, E,K

Water soluble vitamin - Vit B complex,vit C

7) Which nutrients lost during washing of vegetables ? A) Vitamins

  1. B) proteins
  2. C) Minerals
  3. D) Carbohydrates

Antioxidant vitamin - Vit A ,Vit C, Vit E

Vitamin A :- 

Richest source - Cod liver oil or liver oil .

Vitamin A chemical name Retinol.

Vitamin A has anti infective role in body ,

It found in form of pro vitamin A ( Carotene)

It is best for eye sight .

Disease :- 

Bitot 's spot :- pearly white or yellowish, foamy spots on  conjunctiva.

Nyctalopia :-Night blindness.

Xerophthalmia ( dry eye ).

9 dose of vitamin A given to under five children at every  six month .

1 dose at 9 month 1 lac IU ( 55 mg )

Rest are 2 lac IU every 6 month

Liver convert the carotene into vitamin A.

Conjunctival xerosis the first clinical sign of vit A  deficiency.

And Night blindness is the clinical symptoms.

8) Green leafy vegetables are rich sources of :- A) Vit A

  1. B) Vit B
  2. C) Vit C

D).Vit D

Vitamin B1 - Thiamine

It forms a co - enzyme ( TPP - Thiamine pyrophosphate )

It Anti beri beri factor

Deficiency - beri beri

9) Which deficinency disease is also known as ' rice  eater' s disease :-

  1. A) Beri beri
  2. B) scurvy
  3. C) Rickets
  4. D) Pellegra

The main feature of Beri Beri are peripheral neuropathy  , Wernick 's korsakoff s syndrome & burning feet  syndrome.

10) Cracking or ulceration of the lips and angels of the  mouth is known as :-

  1. A) Psorrhoea
  2. B) Calculus
  3. C) Cheilosis
  4. D) Sordes

vitamin B 2 - Ribofavin

Vitamin B -3 - Niacin

It lowers the production of VLDL , and increase blood  HDL and reduce blood Triglycerides.

11) Maize is deficient in which Amino acid ?

  1. A) Tryptophan
  2. B) Leucine
  3. C) Lysine
  4. D) Valine.

12) Folic acid rich diet used into pregnancy to treat  anaemia :-

  1. A) Carrot
  2. B) Banana
  3. C) Green vegetable
  4. D) Meat / fish

Vitamin B6 name :- Pyridoxine.

13) Richest source of vitamin B12 ?

  1. A) Milk and milk products
  2. B) Meat ,egg
  3. C) Green leafy vegetable

D ) Fruits.

14) Which of the following is known to have a role in  wound healing ?

  1. A) Vit A
  2. B) Vit C
  3. C) Vit E
  4. D) Vitamins K

15) Deficiency of vitamin D in children may cause :- A) Ostemalasia

  1. B) Rickets
  2. C) Pellegra
  3. D) Beri beri

16) Which of the following vitamin is used to enhance  absorption of calcium from G.I. tract ?

  1. A) Vit A
  2. B) Vit D
  3. C) Vit C
  4. D) Vit E

17) Which vitamin is essential for normal reproduction  in man ?

  1. A) Vit A
  2. B) Vit C
  3. C) Vit K D) Vit E

18) Which of the following is involved in synthesis of vit  K ?

  1. A) Liver
  2. B) Large intestines
  3. C) Small intestines
  4. D) Stomach

19) Haemoglobin formulation needs both :-

  1. A) Iron and Zinc
  2. B) Iron and calcium
  3. C) Iron and cupper
  4. D) Iron and Magnesium.

20) Which of the following is rich source of potassium ? A) Orange

  1. B) Banana
  2. C) Apple
  3. D) Guava

21) The minimum iodine content of salt at consumer  level should be

  1. A) 10 ppm
  2. B) 15 ppm
  3. C) 30 ppm
  4. D) 40 ppm

22) Marasmus diseases is caused due to the deficiency  of :-

  1. A) Protiens
  2. B) Fat
  3. C) calories

D)none of avove

23) In children which disease occurs due to proteins  deficiency?.

  1. A) Marasmus
  2. B) Kwashiorkor
  3. C) beri beri
  4. D) scuevy

24) Disease caused due to adulteration of mustard oil  with argemone oil is :-

  1. A) Leprosy
  2. B) Dropsy
  3. C) Paralysis
  4. D) Plague

25) Lathyrism is caused due to excessive consumption  of :-

  1. A) Sorghum
  2. B) peanuts
  3. C) Black gram
  4. D) Khesari Dal

Important Point:- 

1) Nutrient devide 2 mazor group:-

  1. A) Macronutrients- also called Proximate principle Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates.
  2. B) Micronutrients:- Vitamin, Minerals

2) Saturated Fatty Acid:- Carbon atom single bond.

Eg. Lauric ,Palmitic , Stearic acid , Formic,.Oleic Acid is a mono-unsaturated fatty acid found in most organic fats and oils.

Essential Fatty acid:- Fatty acid cannot be synthesized by the human body, so the body can get it only by food.

(A) linoleic acid ( Omega - 6) - It is the most important fatty acid because it serves as a basis for the production of other EFA.

  1. b) linolenic acid
  2. c) arachidonic acid

3) Most Common lipid of the body )

Most of the body fats (99%) in adipose tissue are present in the form of triglycerides.

Cholesterol is a derived lipid.

1 gram of Fat provide = 9 calories --> 37 Jule

1 gram of proteins provide = 4 --> 16 Jule

4) Total 24 Amino acid present in the human body. Essential Amino acid ( Not produced in the body ) - 9

Leucine, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, threonine,  phenylalanine, valine, histidine & tryptophan.

Nonessential Amino acid:- 15

Arginine, Alanine, serine, glutamic acid, glycine

First class ( class A) -Proteins found in animal food. It contains a sufficient amount of essential amino acids.

Second class ( Class B ) - proteins found in plant food like veg. , Oils. It contains less amount of EAA.

Proteins are required for - Maintainece of body tissue. 10 -20% of total energy requirements.

Most reachest proteins:-  Egg, Milk & meat are biologically complete proteins.

The maximum source of energy in our body is:- 

Carbohydrates are stored in the body as glycogen Basic food group -

( Cereals) Wheat, barley, oats, whole grains.

Iron is not given with milk because milk contains Ca. Which is a chelate agent with iron.

Iron is better absorbed in Ferrous form.

Iron is mostly absorbed from the duodenum and upper small intestine in the ferrous.

Iron gives with a meal for better absorption.

24 Minerals are required for a human body?

Major elements- 4

Lesser elements- 8

Trance elements-14.

Zink is required for the synthesis of insulin and chromium plays a role in insulin function.

Calcium requirements adult 500 -1000 mg per day.

Pregnancy and lactation - 1000-1500 mg per day.

Mazor portion in bone than teeth.

ICDS - Integrated child development services in 1975. It implementing through Anganwadi workers.

Beneficiaries are 0 -6 years of children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers.

ICDS running under the Department of social welfare. Kishori Shakti Yojana scheme implemented under ICDS.

For girl aged 11 to 18 years. 

Mid-day meal programme provides:- 300 calories and 8 -12 grams of proteins at 250 days. .

School lunch provides 1 /3 energy and 1/2 of total proteins for proteins.

IFA ..If Hb more than 11  3 times a day for 100 days Poor man's meat is fish. In eggs vitamin C is absent.

Dental caries or tooth decay is a progressive degeneration of the enamel. It due to Fluoride Dental fluorosis ( mottling of teeth ) Excess fluoride.

Zink is a constitute of Carbonic anhydrase .  The energy required extra in  Lacting 600 k cal Pregnant.

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