Western Coalfields Limited WCL Exam Paper 2022

Western Coalfields Limited WCL Exam Paper 2022




#1. What is the biological function of copper?

#2. Which are the risk factors for hearing loss ?

#3. What provides the framework of synthesis of the cancellous bone tissue within metaphysis?

#4. Which muscle turns the palm upward or anteriorly?

#5. Why hand wash is very important step in the procedure for care of wound?

#6. Which among the following drug is obtained from leaves?

#7. Which of the following is NOT one of the national health programmes in india?

#8. Identify the Incorrect activity during first aid for serious burns?

#9. What is an example of monera micro-organisms?

#10. What is the most common cause of malaria in india?

#11. Which among the following is NOT one of the characteristic of society?

#12. How should heat burn in the mid chest region during pregnancy be managed?

#13. What should be the correct approach of nurse staff to VIOLENCE, one of the psychiatric emergencies?

#14. Which is the anti-larval measure for Mosquito Control?

#15. Which of the following field of applied microbiology deals with exploration for microbial life in outer space?

#16. Which of the following tool in MS excel predicts a value based on the forecast for the prior period, adjusted for the error in that prior forecast?

#17. Who is the father of sociology ?

#18. How many numbers of vertebrae are in thoracic ?

#19. What is the shape of Bacillus tuberculosis bacteria?

#20. Aedes (Vector), Virus (Cause) are associated to which disease?

#21. Which of the following are established covering a population of 1,00,000?


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