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nursing interview questions and answers quiz is Help in nursing interview in any Hospital And Nursing Tutor Staff Nurse Exams Questions. These quiz are helping Community Health Officer (CHO), Staff Nurse Exams, AIIMS Exams, NCLEX Exams, And Other State Nursing Exams. In This Quiz 21 question are added.


#1. Following are clinical features of organophosphorus poisoning, except

#2. Nursing audit is used to

#3. Ideal ratio of nurse to patient in an ICU is

#4. Regarding the request of organ and tissue donation at the time of death, the nurse needs to be aware that

#5. Which among the following is a complication of spinal anesthesia?

#6. An immunologic reaction to a drug to which a person has already been sensitized is known as

#7. Which of the following statements is TRUE with regard to leadership?

#8. In triage, yellow color indicates

#9. An intentional touching of the patient’s body without consent is termed

#10. Abnormal lateral deviation of vertebral column is

#11. The paralysis of both upper and lower extremities is known as

#12. Chvostek’s sign is an indication of

#13. The position to be maintained for a patient with increased ICP is

#14. The pressure set in autoclave for sterilization is

#15. In lumbar puncture, the needle is inserted between

#16. The apex beat is felt at which intercostal space

#17. The fasting blood sugar value is

#18. Bleeding from the nose is termed

#19. Which among the following is a complication of spinal anesthesia

#20. Health promotion in the older adult are primarily focused on...

#21. Xerostomia means





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